• Senior loans

  • Leases / Bareboat Charters

  • Mezzanine loans

  • Other preferred structures

Investment Criteria

  • Asset secured

  • Highly levered financings

  • Liquid internationally trading vessels

  • Counter-party reputation

  • Flexible structures

Transaction Size


Northern seeks to invest from $5 million to $60 million of investment capital for each loan or lease and has the ability to invest up to $200 million through co-investment from its LPs and third-party capital.

Northern's Advantage

  • Committed capital

  • Speed and predictability of execution

  • Private transactions with no market disclosure

  • Relationship driven

  • Deep maritime industry and financial expertise 

  • Primary focus on small to middle market companies

  • Ability to address opportunities that are too small or complex for traditional bank lenders including out of favor sectors